Download GTAT

0. Install GTA San Andreas
Insert your GTA San Andreas Disk and install GTA San Andreas. If you haven't bought the Game from Rockstar Games yet, buy it at amazon or any other shop (purchasing from Steam does not work!).

1. Download version 0.3 of the client
Visit and get your latest version of the client software sa-mp and Download version 0.3.
Now install into your GTA:San Andreas folder, e.g. "C:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas".

Vista-Users: Run the installer with administrator rights.
(Rightclick -> Run as administrator)

2. Register for a free account.
Keep in mind, that you can add your gangtag after registration with the gang features of GTAT:Tournament, so don't add it here! You will receive an Email with activation link!

3. Run "samp"
After you registered, you are nearly ready to play! Open the client 'samp' (the link is on your desktop).

4. Add to favourites
Now add to your favourites.

5. Add your nickname
Now replace the nickname in upper right corner with your

6. Join the server via Connect.
After the game has started you will receive a message like "Welcome to GTA:Tournament, please login with '/login password'". Open the chat with the t-Key and type /login and the password you have used at

Hint: E.g. if our password is 123hdas we would have to type: /login 123hdas

7. Have fun playing!

Need help?

Our GameMaster will be happy to help you. Meet us at the GTAT support forums.