I want to say heello to all peopele.

Oure clan wars new is play we with clans:

DIE 19:-3 CvC
DIE 1:0 [BM] - pizdy myslaly ze chexuje ale sie zawiodly ;]
DIE 10:3 [PTM_DAUNIS] EASY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DIE 19:0 RSAH - cwq with family but we win ofcorese
DIE 10:5 [TvN] easy televison, [TvN]Durczok and [TvN]CrazyKamila czited but i ride hes
DIE 87:45 [1TvP] hardcore televison match before match i dont have sklad becos my firends dont came na cw and durczok was faked but crazy camila targen lachen when we played bless ya god game see u next macz of coruse i rite u and without czited mods
i be refresh when new clanwars come and we win there ofcorese becose we never lose.

Greets of Mag1k

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