On the day of 6th of January, Jaszo and I (stylin) decided to bring back [ACI] to light again!
Hopefully this is going to work well for all of us and maybe some new members are gonna join.
Not much to say, not much to add... Better get back to work.

Our current members are:


[ACI]Jaszo -

[ACI]stylin -


[ACI]R1pp3r -

[ACI]Rukia -

[ACI]Overkill -

[ACI]Taxi -

[ACI]Mac_Aenus -

[ACI]Cluckie -

[ACI]Behindikiller -

[ACI]Joonas -

[ACI]CrazyGanja -

Training members:

[ACIt]Proevil -


Academy Members:


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