Information about [BAD]

This gang was started in 2006 by some friendz called Bad Boyz this gang was good in working together,killing and racing.One day the name of this clan change into [BAD] from that day this clan is making its way to the top.

Promotion System:

Rookie = 1000
Member = 2500
Full-Member = 5000
Co-leader = 10000 & Friend only
Leader = only one leader (Asad)

Demotion System:

1.Inactivity of player
2.Flaming to other players
3.Miss Use of you Rank
4.Killing team partners
5.Not following the orders of Co-leader & Leader


1.No Cheats
2.No Hacks
3.No Flaming
4.No killing allies
5.Listen to Co-leader & Leader
more will given soon


Recent Respect