We are the B&A Clowns, a gang of many numbers. We were born in late 2006, and we held our own ever since. We rumble with many, many gangs. We're notorious for our ability to clown any gang that comes in our path. Our first rivalry was with the ColdThugZ. The fighting and flaming lasted for at least a year until ColdThugZ died out. Our new rivalry is with [BB], the Blood Brothers, who we are still fighting as of today. We are a very respected gang that obeys server rules and tries to avoid conflict of any kind, but if a conflict were to occur, we'd handle it the B&A way. B&A was an LVP only gang for most of it's time. Later on it was converted into a clan with the tag [BA]. You can apply for B&A or you can be invited by a B&A member. We are growing stronger and stronger every day and we win our battles with strong team work and effort.

Recent Respect