Join us ! Just click Join and as soon i can see application i will take you in !

Recruitment Requirements:

*Speak English
*Be An Active Player
*Be A Skilled Player
*Have fun and dont flame
*Do Not Cheat-Hack Or Do Not Do BugUsing Instantly.
*Have A Positive And Good Raito

Skin Information

Our Clan Rules:

*You must always wear you [CGS] Clan Tag.

Promoting Requirements:

*After 500 Recent Respect CGS will make you a member
*After 1500 Recent Respect CGS will make you a Full-Member
*After 5000 Recent Respect CGS will make you CO-Leader

Demoting Reasons:

*Recent Respect Always Goes Low
*Bad Teamwork
*Opossing Commands Without Reason
*Disrespecting Leaders/Other Members

Kicking Reasons:
*Member is inactive for 1 months without reporting.
*Member is inactive for longer than 2 months.
*Bad player which disappointed us.

Recent Respect