[font=andale mono]Some of you must know us some of you may not...
some of you may like us and are friends with us while some of you might hate us more than anything else on this planet.
We are DevilxTremOz and we are active on multiple servers. We are a comparatively newer clan but with our hardwork and never back down attitude we are trying the hardest to someday be the best clan here. We started of on a server called PTP a.k.a. Protect the president and after dominating all the competetion there we moved to lvp for better and stronger competetion. We are not here to be the good guys we are here to be the best. So hate us or whatever, we fail to give a fuck to that.

our Motto[/font]: "[font=georgia]Never Back Down[/font]"
ChAoS+DiSoRdEr+DeStRuCtIoN=[font=andale mono][Dx][/font]










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