we are the guys that gives sharp shoting a hole new meaning! and if you piss us off by the next day we will be drinking your blood!
join the gang and be the best you can.if you wish to join the gang pm Big_Man when you have joined put [EK] at the beging of you nickname. EK is one of the best gang in GTAT. EK has proven that it can beat any gang if we work as a team! We aeecpt allince's but you must be a good gang.
EK is allinced with

EK promotting:
rookie=pass the shooting test
member=get 200 respeced
full-member=get 1900 respeced
co-leader= get 5000 respeced and be very trusted

there are two GTA tournment server's
and EK's tranning server is

Recent Respect