^^^Elite Aggressive Killers^^^

[size=8pt][color=black]Gang was created on 14.11.2007 by nexis

Recruitment and rules:
* Speak Well English
* Dont cheat
* Dont flame
* Be an active player or you will be demoted
* Wear our tag all the time [EAK]
* Listen to Leaders and Co-leadears

Promotion System :

* Rookie: When you join the gang, you get this status.
* Member: You need to earn 1500 recent respect.
* Full - Member You need to earn 4000 recent respect .
* C0 - Leader You will get this status only if the leader will think it is necessary (not less than 20000 total respect did for gang)


IF you want to join EAK ,find me in game ,after i am agree to accept you,press join button
Server List
GTA:Tournament ::
Training Server ::

^^^Elite Aggressive Killers^^^

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