9th January 2009

iNFiNiTe FaTaLiTy was founded. They joined SAE Elite Assault, the 2 founding fathers wearing there tags with pride. They got there first kill screen, they won there first round of Attack and Defend with a kill screen. They arrived, they dominated, they left...

25th January 2009

The Website and Forums were created, ready for the highly skilled serial killers of iNFiNiTe FaTaLiTy. The clan grew to more members, determined to accomplish there mission. To be the best, not just a skilled killer, but part of the family. Together they stand united. Alone they stand outnumbered. iNFiNiTe FaTaLiTy did not back down without a fight, they won there first 2 training matches.

The Past, Present & The Future

Great triumphs have been achieved, through pin-point precise attacks, tactical decisions and outstanding communication. iNFiNiTe FaTaLiTy is the past, present and the future. We are here. We will annihilate you. We will win.

Recent Respect