[NSK] Night Stalkers

[color=blue][size=11pt][b]Since 10th of June[/color]


We are the Night Stalkers Clan!

We are from Germany! But it doesn't matter if you are German or not

We don't accept CHEATERS

At the moment we are searching for new Members!

so if you are interested and skilled klick the Join button!

If you got a question contact KINGPOMES or HeX0r


[b][color=gold]Rank system:[/b]

[color=black]Rookie: new in gang! No recent respect

Member: 300 respect

Full - Member: 5000 respect

Co - Leader: only two Co - Leaders: HeX0r
Leader: only one leader: [size=11pt][b]KINGPOMES[/size]

[center][color=black]I hope we see us!

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