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Riders From Hell

We are a gang which is based on co-ordination, teamwork and numbers. While we are not a bunch of over-skilled players, we are able to get over that handicap with communication and willfulness.

As a gang, our primary purpose is getting as big as possible, with players who can speak English and commucinate properly. While skill is always a plus, we believe proper teamwork with average skills can work wonders.

If you are looking forward to join us, following necessities are required:

- Speaking English in a proper manner.
- Willfulness to keep playing.
- If you have cheated before and looking forward to cheat again, you can still join (so we can get rid of you completely).

After you have hopefully joined, you must go well with following gang rules.

- Help newcomers with time and money.
- Stay close to your gang mates as much as possible.
- Always stay in touch with other gang members via msn and such (Xfire is highly recommended)
- Do not cheat unless you want to risk yourself.

There is no statistical system with promotions within our gang.

If you are fine with everthing above, you can get supplies and training as much as possible.

We are mainly using Xfire and TeamSpeak, to improve commucination. Any members who would use these applications with us will be highly appreciated.

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