Street Racing xTreeme Clan:

We are the street racing clan, but were not only racing so good DeathMatchers feel free to join!!

Our Alliances: FaL Fear and Loathing (in Los santos)

Clan History:

Clan is founded at December 2006th by me [SRxC]Nidza (also known as CodeMaster) and my brother [SRxC]Andon and after that it was inactive cause our members could'nt play on this server cause of troubles with connection.
Now were reborned and were striking to the top!

Requiements for joining:

- No cheats allowed!
- Need to be good race or deathmatcher ( or both :) )
- Be active! (soon were planning to clean out all inactive members!)
- Be loyal

Ok thats all requiements i think...
We don't want to block you with some skin requiements or else.
Feel free to describe yourself as you want!

For joining PM-me and I will put you on trial.
In PM you must give us some of your IM adress.
If you get 200 respect on that trial ull get Rokie status.

After that the rankings will go this like:

- Member 500 respect
- Full-Member 2000 respect and loyality
- Co-Leader 10000 respect and stay loyal for us preeety long time

Thats all folks join us or no and always respect our moto:
"One shot, One kill, No luck, Just skill!"

Recent Respect