WoLF Is Polish gang. We no using a cheats. If you want join to we, you must go to www.klan-wolf.xt.pl register and post in we forum or PM to leader.
0 to 100 recent respect: rookie
After 100 recent respect for WoLF: member
After 1000 recent respect for WoLF: full- member
If you be in first ten you get a Co-Leader status
If you be Best player you get a Leader status

You must allways wear you [WoLF] TAG

For more info PM to leader or go to our site www.klan-wolf.xt.pl

WoLF jest polskim klanem nie uzywajacym cheatow. Jesli chcesz do nas dojsc musisz napisac na www.klan-wolf.xt.pl badz napisac PM do lidera.
0 to 100 recent respect: rookie
Po 100 recent respect dla klanu WoLF: member
Por 1000 recent respect dla klanu WoLF: full- member
Jesli jestes w pierwszej dziesiatce dostajesz Co-Leader status
Jeslii bedzesz na 1 miejscu dostajesz Leader status

Musisz miec swoj TAG [WoLF]

Dla wiekszej ilosci informacji napisz PM do Lidera badz wejdz na naszÄ? strone www.klan-wolf.xt.pl

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