Founding of the twisted Clownz

The TwisteD Clownz clan as been officially founded the 6 of july 2010.It started by 3 friends
who wanted to have fun on Lvp & Lw and that wanted to be important in the history.
We are a clan based On respect,teamwork and especially our skills.The clan was originaly founded by
MaDSKiLLz as now been around for a little while and growing fastly. We are a respectful clan
and expect the same from you so welcome us, the Twisted Clownz.

Hardcore ClownZ



[TxC]OutLawZ / Like




Inactive ClownZ


Training Server
HostName: [TxC] Twisted ClownZ Server
Players: 15 / 16
Ping: 135
Mode: BattleGrounds v7.0b
Map: (SA) Atrium

TxC vs Dr Win 3-0

Recent Respect