.:: [UvH] - Ultra violent Hooligans ::.

The UvH clan was founded on the 10th of January 2006 by UzI who is still the leader of this mighty clan.
In this clan you will find the people that are just awesome to have around and playing with. We are chilled, can take jokes and are still one of the old and skilled clans out there that haven't died yet. We are still going strong, and if you want to join us, go for it and post and application at www.UvHclan.com. We are always recruiting.
But since we are an old clan we have our requirements, so if you aren't skilled enough or planning on staying in for the long run, don't even bother applying for us.
Contact us at www.UvHclan.com .

Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/UvHooligans

Here is our Official A/D server (custom gamemode) scripted by (UvH) member thiaZ:

HostName: << Ultra Violent A/D >> [0.3c]
Address: thiaZ.sa-mp.at:1338
Players: 0 / 25
Ping: 89
Mode: UvAAD 1.0 RC
Map: Lobby

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