[center]..::United Street Gangsterz::..

OUR GANG NEW SITE: http://usg-gta.tk/

Hot news: We are not very active at moment thats why we are on low respect ! :/

This gang were founded first at 20th January (2006) By ChiiM and Pwner (Pwner is inactive now ) ! And it was deleted but now we are back on the streets ! Atm we have hard times but we must live with that ! ;) Join us today and be part of the gang !

Join us ! Just click Join and as soon Leader or Co-Leader seeing the application we will take you in !

I will update Description soon, its beta at the moment !

USG accepts all who wants join , but you must be active !


[left]*Promoting system*:

When you gain a rank, you wont be demoted, even if your inactive, but you have to tell us !

  • Rookie:Inactive Members, which didnt notify us and new members !

  • Member:Total Respect >2000 !

  • Full-Member:Total Respect: >5000 & good team-play

  • Co-Leader:You must always be a loyal member that i can trust you

..::Our friend Gangs::..

Our Gang Rules:

-> New member must be active
-> You must wear our gang TAG
-> We do not respect cheating
-> We do not respect bug using
-> You must listen to Leader and Co-leader
-> If your inactive more then 1.5 month you will be kicked
-> If you will be inactive some days or weeks you must report !
-> Do not use offensive language on gang-chat

Recent Respect