Once registered at you can create a gang and use the gang-features like /g for gangchat, the ganghouse and gangcolors.


The 11 gangs which control most areas can choose a gang colour.

It works like council which has 6 votes for each district/area.

  • 3 votes for most respected gang
  • 2 votes for 2nd
  • 1 vote for 3rd

The 11 gangs which have most votes at the end of thursday will be able to choose a gangcolor.

The gang leaders will have to modify the gang-vote-color-list in the gang description, BEFORE the voting is!


RookieNew in the gang
Full-MemberA Member with the ability to accept new members to join the gang, and promote Rookies to Members/Full-Members
Co-LeaderCan kick, promote, accept and demote gangmembers with lower rank.
LeaderLeads the clan.