[3x Free A/D Server]

  • By: JustMe.
  • Views: 382
  • When: a year ago
  • Description: Yo,

    I'll host once again a few free A/D servers, let's say 3.

    Server location: Germany
    Slots: Unlimited
    Port: Whatever you want (except if its taken..)
    Gamemode: I prefer A/D v2.6(r) but I can install a different one aswell.
    Time: Unlimited (till I stop paying for my VPS)


    - Active use of the server
    - Having a clan
    - Don't be a faggot

    That's all, contact me on skype if you want one. Skype name: JustMe.77

Comments (2)

  1. Wish you did that on 2011. Q_Q

    a year ago
  2. MMGE 3.0 on screen

    a year ago

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