Anti-Adminit && ProxyKicker

  • By: [cAts] AooX
  • Views: 829
  • When: 2 years ago
  • Description: I created Anti-Adminit sometime ago, so I'm ready to publish it with a small change i inserted Proxy Kicker too, The Anti-Adminit is not bypassable and will save logs files on attemp.


    You need to make a file called "adminit.log" in scriptfiles folder.
    In case which it does not exist the script will send to server a warning message.

    The proxy kicker might does not works with ultra-h servers, sometimes it works.

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  1. Everybody downloading random scripts from players. If people can't be bothered to create the easiest script ever (a few lines) then they deserve to be fucked by the next person who wants to screw with you guys.

    2 years ago

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