AttDef Source Released (A resonse to "End of AAD's existence")

  • By: Whitetiger
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  • When: 2 months ago
  • Description: So abyss sent me a video fo some dude who was like "THIS IS THE END OF SA-MP A/D because all of the scripters who made A/D put a bunch of commands in there to give them an advantage over normal players."

    I could talk for a while about the accuracy of such, but I figured it'd be more beneficial if I just release the source code to attdef and let you all make the necessary changes. I'm not disputing the existence of the commands (which I was always against during the development), but I am allowing you to easily remove the commands and recompile. Good luck, long live A/D

    Here's the link to the code:

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  1. - some basic information about A/D. I'd definitely like some help filling in more information. It would be great if this became a really good resource for people to get information about A/D in general.

    2 months ago

    2 months ago
  3. I didn't edit it, I take from him one thing I was looking for several years for my server. Thanks!

    2 months ago
  4. xd this guy has to be retarded to even make this video. first 2 are bugs, not intentional on any scripters part and could have been fixed if he had just told the scripters about them, but no, i bet he kept on using them himself. third one is not TP hack idiot. it is a command to simply teleport level 5 admin to any place in map (when no round is running!) it just helped us in teleporting to places to make bases easily. it doesn't work in any round, idiot. /adminit is old af and was not meant to be abused by any of the scripters

    2 months ago
  5. what

    2 months ago

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