• By: vTr
  • Views: 326
  • When: 10 days ago
  • Description: UNBAN MAN

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  1. why you posted this here?

    10 days ago
  2. You had the chance to make an unban appeal on uL forums and have the admin team request you to fix these fps drops as they apparently looked like f8 in his screen. Please consider asking for the deletion of this media post and request unban on the right website

    10 days ago
  3. Whywould he do that? He can do whatever he wants with this video and post anywhere he wants , maybe he is just showing how stupid and ignorant that cunt is? Maybe this is a document of how shit that community is getting year after year , lol . Stop acting like cyber police idiots.

    10 days ago
  4. Cant believe whos getting admin on such servers SMH

    10 days ago
  5. I genuinely thought he's asking for unban (Description: UNBAN MAN). Just suggested him a way with higher chances to get unbanned

    10 days ago
  6. zyph mad

    10 days ago
  7. Man , that video was recored with 1920x1080 60fps and all gta full reso and i was playing with 46fps limiting(if o want i can use more) , What drop of fps should i have?, my pc i s good man. Ill post to uL i think that will be easier if i just talk to you on discord Pd: ye, my english isn't the best

    9 days ago
  8. yh use more fps then ur ping is alrdy compensating for ur unhittabilty lel, thts prolly why he banned u cus u werent taking a hit

    8 days ago
  9. wtf man, the only diference is that if he kill me im ok, if i kill him im a lagger. DID U SEE THE -92 THAT HE GAVE ME BEFORE I KILL HIM?, NOOO BUT HE DIED THATS THE DIFERENCE. IF HE WIN HE IS PRO, IF HE LOSE IM A LAGGER CHEATER, F8 PLAYER. HOW OLD ARE YOU GUYS 12?, PLAY FOR FUN MAN.

    6 days ago

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