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  • By: [SNL] Ritsu
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  • When: a year ago
  • Description: Just like some forum games, lets answer and share these questions for fun.

    1.- What nicknames have you used?
    2.- When did you start playing SA:MP?
    3.- When did you start playing A/D and how did you find out about it?
    4.- Who would you like to know the most about? (e.g. I'm interested on Magenta and sensi_star's SA:MP life)
    5.- We received a lot when TeK vs. uL happened but what other matches would you have really loved to see?

    Aaron_Geovanni, (SWAT)Aaron_Geovanni, [CSI][JEFE]Nexo (xd), [HyPeR]Eri_Sawachika, [ThC]Aha_Rw, Torres821, Ritsu.

    I started on January 2011

    While browsing Partyserver forums [KR]Pablo mentioned clan wars, I really can't remember how exactly I found United Army server but right there was the first time I started playing A/D (I met a lot of people there too), Art of War best game mode by the way.

    Magenta and sensi_star are such misterious players. :0

    vG vs. uL, KFC vs. uL definitely.

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  1. Holy shit the fucking text format, we lsto.

    a year ago
  2. fuck u

    a year ago
  3. no u vocaloid nigger.

    a year ago
  4. lel

    a year ago
  5. im bored AS fuck so i'll bite. 1. volk/volkstyne/volkan 2. 2012 3. 2015 January (youtube knew about it b4 but didnt care until 2015 4. force/um3d from uL, heard he was good didn't see much from him on videos (also other UK players) I wanna see virussino to see if he was always terrible (jk<3) 5. my clan vs whatever clan was considered best in the past to test ourselves

    a year ago
  6. 1.- tedy,dangerkid,,invasion,windshade? 2.- since end of 2011 or start of 2012 3.- end of 2013,just found some gta;t video on yt one day,and then just checked everyones channel who got somthing with gtat frags etcetc,and then just found some video with a lot of views,that's how i knew about a/d i guess lol 4.- dunno tbh,old Ru players maybe 5.- SoP vs nS

    a year ago
  7. 1) X.K,xtr3m3k1ll4h,OsaMaleecious,OsaMaL4GZ0R 2) 2009, started off with CSS-SAMP (a non-cbug TDM server), then SWAT4SAMP (another non-cbug TDM server), then moved towards A/D 3) Started A/D somewhere around 2011 I guess, as a clan member named Dami3n told me to do clan wars and shit against a rival clan 4) Not really interested in personal lives of SAMP players 5) I'd prefer playing over watching others play

    a year ago
  8. 1) migue_telacome, MiGueX, Mr/s. Milky, MiGu3X, migu3x (actual).
    2) 2010-11 on a server called Protect the President (PTP), knew GTA SA and after playing singleplayer many times I started searching for multiplayer and found samp and that server.
    3) Started playing A/D on 2012-13, on PTP I was in a clan called GgT and since it was moving to the A/D scene (since it was rising at this moment and things on PTP server weren't going well because of shitty admins and hate between clans).
    4) LuckyLuke, 20-30 ping and old guy which isn't active anymore (I think).
    5) TeK vs anyone, was my favourite clan since started playing A/D.

    And Torres, a message for you: Me acuerdo que jug√°bamos juntos y te agregue en steam hace mucho :)

    a year ago
  9. ^fuck ptp and tenshi. that guy was a tard

    a year ago
  10. 1.- Pyro, GermanWings, O81, xCrack, reu (actual) 2.- 2012 on a community called COD5GAMING, still playing there 3.- 2013, found out about it through GTA:T videos on YouTube 4.- [ThC]Stewart :* 5.- Same as X.K, I'd prefer playing over watching others play

    a year ago
  11. Yeah @X.K. Still I had fun times with him and Lacerta even though they were shit as bitches.

    a year ago
  12. ikr, back in those days ppl used to play for fun, not for bragging skills

    a year ago
  13. samp was a lot better, i even bunked a few classes to nolife on samp

    a year ago

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