ESCAP - strange guy

  • By: [AsL] NeLLo
  • Views: 256
  • When: 17 days ago
  • Description: Yep, it's might be mode's bug, but why only 1 player have this bug? Also he hitted me with deagle outta nowhere, he was at the other end of map (sooo long distance + buildings between us).

Comments (4)

  1. Forget to say that half of sv have minus respects xd

    17 days ago
  2. rare bug

    17 days ago
  3. ... i don't know but why u report me from cheater, and i join with ac, and i don't know why i'm buged but really dud?

    17 days ago
  4. Read description.
    U using ACv2 now? Ok, then fine, but i don't forgot this happening, when u hit me with deagle being on unreal position to hit. Some guys were banned at prev. season: white_ass / ass_white. Those guys had cheat, so they could hit everyone, from anywhere.

    If im not right, sorry.

    16 days ago

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