fewdaysongtat v3

  • By: [K4L] FroG.
  • Views: 219
  • When: 5 months ago
  • Description: If i'd pay u 500$ for answering me "no" on my question would u do that?

Comments (2)

  1. Deagle sound?

    5 months ago
  2. I'm not a fan of gtat frag movies but this one is actually good, not because it has crazy amazing frags but because of the simple yet flowing edit, it goes to the point with some edits when needed, considering the huge ammount of trash ppl upload to gtat about samp movies this one brings something different and the gameplay I just like it because its not filled up with rapidfiring frags spamming 7 bullets each kill. I can see you put some effort on the movie even tho you recorded it in a few days, good job, its a good samp, deathmatch frag video, enjoyable and good music choice, like.

    5 months ago

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