• By: feartist
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  • When: a year ago
  • Description: I've just found out about this unofficial mod which allows you to play GTA V online, create and manage your own server and other cool stuff. Does anyone play it? Any opinions about the gameplay/players (avg number of players/cheaters ecc)??
    Also I've read here some time ago about Al_Pacino's request to R* to develop a gamemode which resembles SA:MP AAD gm. Maybe it could be possible to develop it here on our own. Do you know if it is possible to create personal scripts for this multiplayer?

Comments (6)

  1. It's shit , go to GTA:N

    a year ago
  2. Sadly all of these MP mods are getting shutdown by R* because it'll prevent them from winning money with the ig money cards -.-

    a year ago
  3. I've read on reddit that this MP doesn't use R* SocialClub so it cannot be shutdown. Maybe this is the luckyone, who knows?

    a year ago
  4. They can't shut down these projects anymore .

    a year ago
  5. I think they can because they're using the game after all. It's the same thing as with private wow servers.

    a year ago
  6. Friendly reminder that Rockstar is okay with the mod but Take2 is the one fucking it up, hopefully GTA V Network makes it and hopefully someone makes an A/D mode!

    a year ago

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