Free permanent A/D Server

  • By: JustMe.
  • Views: 480
  • When: a year ago
  • Description: Last chance to get a free A/D server before I go inactive for a few weeks.
    I'll set up the server for you, if you wish, you can do it by yourself aswell.
    You can also request to receive acces to my Control Panel page with which you can maintain your server (Start/Stop/Change Gamemode etc).

    Add me on Skype: JustMe.77

Comments (12)

  1. [img][/img]

    a year ago
  2. Ewww justEZ

    a year ago
  3. steam?

    a year ago
  4. My Steam name is JustMe.77 but I'm once a year online there..

    You can also add me on Discord, name is also JustMe.77

    In case you don't have Skype/Discord, PM me on my forum,

    a year ago
  5. Tamz you suck

    a year ago
  6. host?

    a year ago
  7. My vps, located in Germany.

    a year ago
  8. Currently hosted servers:

    a year ago
  9. check discord pls

    a year ago
  10. i need one server

    a year ago
  11. I think most of the people who messaged me on Skype / Discord received their server, I'm hosting right now 13 Servers, I think 10 of them are A/D servers, should be enough till I'm back from Army.

    See ya all!

    10 months ago

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