help me find music to sync for fragmovie?

  • By: [DeSH] X.K
  • Views: 452
  • When: a year ago
  • Description: so... for the first time in my life, i am working on a fragmovie and can't find good music to go with it. i am looking for something that should have slow enough beats to sync with each consecutive shot (something like 1 beat per 2 seconds or 1 beat per 5 seconds maybe) the slower the beat, easier it would be to sync things like 3 sniper shots in a row (i hope you get the point)

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  1. and before anyone points out to just slow down the video instead, i know i can but i just want it to be natural with slow beats

    a year ago
  2. that been used a thousand times by roleplayers @rs6, lol

    a year ago
  3. Im sure no one used that before

    a year ago
  4. Sync on this if you're god

    a year ago

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