Help us find TeK Fozzy

  • By: [TeK] Slike14
  • Views: 484
  • When: 5 days ago
  • Description: This is the last footage done by Fozzy.For almost 4 years now he just vanished and we have had no contact with him whatsoever ever since.If anyone knows anything about him please contact us.Fozzy if by a miracle you read this please know that we miss you and we love you and we still talk about you from time to time in hopes of getting in touch again. ~Slike

Comments (7)

  1. :_(

    5 days ago
  2. Maybe u can contact him on his own youtube channel: Last time he subscribed to anither channel was 2 months ago so i guess he still uses that account

    5 days ago
  3. legend says he is still capturing FFC

    5 days ago
  4. thanks argo

    5 days ago
  5. master of italians,comeback

    5 days ago
  6. fazzy walshy Q_Q

    5 days ago
  7. [TeK]Jason & [TeK]Damagedz yesterday night at uL owning chat :D

    4 days ago

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