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  • By: [A_T] killkiss
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  • When: 20 days ago
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    Hello, anybody had a similar problem?
    I guess one, bugsplat.dll makes CPU usage 89-99 percent on gta_sa.exe process.

    p.s.1.i tried to remove bugsplat from the gtasa folder(ac doesnt work)
    2.i tried to replace with earlier versions of bugsplat.dll(showed the error or nothing has changed)

    have you some ideas? please, help me.

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  1. i have this problem

    20 days ago
  2. @FADISHE i wrote whitetiger about this for few week ago and nothing

    20 days ago
  3. Buy new pc

    20 days ago
  4. Contact me on discord
    I fixed this drops for too many players

    20 days ago
  5. give youu discord

    20 days ago
  6. Uninstall your GTA, SAMP and AC with use program Revo Uninstaller Pro. Next time download 100% original GTA SA. Install game, samp and ac and try to not install any mods.

    20 days ago
  7. i used to have the same problem but it disappeared automatically after 1-2 days

    19 days ago

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