iK vs H CW

  • By: igun
  • Views: 401
  • When: a year ago
  • Description: well, 8-1 for us, modeler rq'ed again at 4-1 :d enjoy

Comments (7)

  1. btw, the song is blocked on android and iOS, u need to watch it on pc ^_^

    a year ago
  2. Good tune

    a year ago
  3. Damn, my team was like divided in 3.

    Watanabe couldn't hit due to high ping.
    Modeler and DZAYIN doing their won thing.
    Me trying to lead but can't speak Turkish.

    lmao gg wp

    a year ago
  4. stop searching excuses and accept the fact that ure just pure shit

    a year ago
  5. Simo quit emir16 join xdd 1cw emir playing with 2team lol

    a year ago
  6. "Simo quit emir16 join" - lmao he was playing since the beggining but his dad called him :) ez cw

    a year ago
  7. Modeler was playing since the beginnig
    What a idiot leader

    a year ago

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