~ jigetus 7

  • By: jigetus
  • Views: 485
  • When: 5 months ago
  • Description: 1v4 etc why so short? cuz idc, jigetus 1 2 3 4 5 6 ^ 7 ^

Comments (11)

  1. Dis

    5 months ago
  2. Only disgusting random shoots

    5 months ago
  3. nice one

    5 months ago
  4. tryin to be fulmy so hard in that video

    5 months ago
  5. waaat ??? XDDDDDD

    5 months ago
  6. his style is nowhere near fulmicotone lol

    5 months ago
  7. music is like him
    style similar
    both retarded as fuck
    rounds up to cotone i guess

    5 months ago
  8. you are actually the most retarded guy on samp volk so I'd better shut up if I was you. You still have face to comment under posts xdd wauw

    5 months ago
  9. say scientists monitored your actions on GTA:T media alone, their conclusion would be:

    attention whoring retard in need of validation from equally annoying attention whoring retards

    Look at my gameplay, isn't it good? He-y... HEY. LOOK AT MY GAMEPLAY, TELL ME IM GOOD!

    - half of the community in a nutshell, im actually ashamed of myself for even playing in it

    5 months ago
  10. DELI "Only disgusting random shoots"
    Ok so first of all I'm not here to defend Pamaj or whatever you cancers will think,amyway why the fuck shouldn't he rapid fire or how you said it "random shoot"?So you care how he plays,if you're actually here on media watching videos to post negative bullshit you probably post on every video people post then you have some issues pal,and virussino,I actually believed you are finally all grown up in your head but guess not.Pamaj just posted a video for fun,we're young,everybody play games,and post videos daily,why are you here hating a guy who didn't even said anything wrong nor about you,just god damn ask yourself "why am I so braindead and commenting videos to spread hate" expecially for a person you'll forget when you grow a bit more and realise how stupid you all actually were,I'm stupid aswell ,but god damn calm dafuck down this is a fucking game.Every single day many of you assholes hating poor fucking people on this gtat media.I wish I was able to see how you act in real life,so much hatred dear god you people are so damn cringy,think before you speak.Think about this,what if both of you said nice Pamaj,nice work you put in that vid,I bet the next time you'd see Pamaj in game he'd say Hey Virus,sup dude,or Hey Deni glad to see ya,wanna play?Instead of having fun all of you fight and talk bullshit to each other,I can't wait to see the comments on the bible I just wrote,damn people enjoy this,stop hating and arguing every single fucking day,my god what is happening to people online..

    5 months ago

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