kill list problem, somenone help me

  • By: burst9999
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  • When: a year ago
  • Description: help

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  1. Restart your computer. Do NOT run SAMP. Delete gtaweap3.ttf from \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\ folder. Also delete it from Control Panel\Fonts\ folder. Download original gtaweap3.ttf . Copy-paste it to \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\ folder and Control Panel\Fonts\ folder. Do NOT run SAMP. Delete sa-mp.cfg from \Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\SAMP\ folder. Restart PC. Try running SAMP now. It should work.

    a year ago
  2. I am assuming either you screwed up fontsize in samp, or your fonts file is corrupted. Doing above things will fix both.

    a year ago
  3. P.S. Whenever you download a new gtaweap3.ttf, make sure that you had not run SAMP before installing new font. The error-free method to install gtaweap3 font is to: 1) Restart PC. 2) Put gtaweap3 in both the main folder and the control panel folder. 3) Restart PC again. 4) Then play SAMP.

    a year ago
  4. its work ty so much

    a year ago
  5. good to hear that :)

    a year ago

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