• By: [K4L] Locks
  • Views: 353
  • When: a year ago
  • Description: macros and random hits

Comments (5)

  1. damn, italians started to dislike, rip ibs

    a year ago
  2. Yea right actually i have got nothing to do im making 80 account just to dislike your shit video. And damn really someone like you can call someone else cryer? Wondering why the only 2 persons that like you are cunez and samy, the 1 who first was an ibs app (all italians) then tried to app to nS (8/10 of them are italians) then went to try in 5R (9/10 of them are italians) and then he said that he hates italians and being an italian is a shame

    a year ago
  3. roflmao what? I apped for 5R because of volk and maxo( one of the italians wich i really like+ shark) ibs was shen app xDDDDD and never tried to app for nS, actually you suck because you are a shit cheater , you can't always blame lag for no hits at all xD

    a year ago
  4. You stupid idiot I was talking about samy not about you, and ye I suck but you still suck more since you always lose and cry whenever you get killed by me (or anybody else except someone you asslick)

    a year ago
  5. dude you mad as fuck, last 4 tcws we played, you lost with 6-3 xDDDDDDDD remember *2-0* don't make me post my footage random

    a year ago

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