My best Aimbot for ArtStranger

  • By: So__
  • Views: 469
  • When: a year ago
  • Description: [22:22:33] {FFFFFF}rs6 {01A2F7}has banned {FFFFFF}porcodio {01A2F7}| Reason: {FFFFFF}gl

    [22:22:33] {FFFFFF}porcodio's {01A2F7}variables saved.

    [22:22:33] {FFFFFF}porcodio {CCCCCC}has disconnected .: {FFFFFF}Banned {CCCCCC}:. HP {FFFFFF}33 {CCCCCC}| Armour {FFFFFF}0

Comments (5)

  1. Hit on 0:12, i was climbed up to next lvl, and u hit me. Why not upload full video? There were like 20 moments like this one.

    a year ago
  2. sure

    a year ago
  3. that's completely normal

    a year ago
  4. normal that i get hit when i was far from this place atm?

    a year ago
  5. Why u're putting those kind of musics? I got a feel like u're earning money from ur samp videos XD

    a year ago

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