[NeC]bariga visiting [U]chillax & going to [U]26 party

  • By: [MoF88] Chillax
  • Views: 387
  • When: 24 days ago
  • Description: Nec bariga coming with bus to estonia to meet up with chillax and go to irons birthday party. I might do an interview, post some samp related questions (can be not samp related too) to get your answers!

Comments (6)

  1. tell bariga to relate me whole party on snapchat

    24 days ago
  2. I love you style Chillax...Nice Video...

    24 days ago
  3. lol my question is who is the bottom and who is the top

    24 days ago
  4. O

    24 days ago
  5. lmfao volk

    24 days ago
  6. so my question is, if i make my mom pregnant is the boy/girl my son/daughter or is it my brother/sister?

    23 days ago

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