New AntiCheat Update

  • By: U17
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  • When: 10 months ago

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  1. Whitetiger:
    I have just updated the AC version to 2.82. In this update we have done the following things:
    - Fixed the "Server closed the connection" error when some people connect to a server with AC on.
    - Server hang when new people connect to a AC server.
    - Adds a new PAWN function giving scripters the ability to change how fast players sprint.
    - Internal cheat detection improvements that will not be detailed publicly.

    Here's a list of all the problems we are still currently aware of:
    - Low FPS for some users.
    - Bans for modloader and CLEO will probably be changed to 7 day temp bans.

    You can find the new download link on

    10 months ago
  2. Works good

    10 months ago
  3. Don't change your mind because of the video guys!

    10 months ago

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