New AntiCheat Update

  • By: U17
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  • When: a year ago

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  1. Whitetiger:
    I have just updated the AC version to 2.82. In this update we have done the following things:
    - Fixed the "Server closed the connection" error when some people connect to a server with AC on.
    - Server hang when new people connect to a AC server.
    - Adds a new PAWN function giving scripters the ability to change how fast players sprint.
    - Internal cheat detection improvements that will not be detailed publicly.

    Here's a list of all the problems we are still currently aware of:
    - Low FPS for some users.
    - Bans for modloader and CLEO will probably be changed to 7 day temp bans.

    You can find the new download link on

    a year ago
  2. Works good

    a year ago
  3. Don't change your mind because of the video guys!

    a year ago

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