r2o funteam tournament

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  1. good cup :v

    a year ago
  2. 5 ) Max pause is 3, for 3 min
    6 ) Round time is 5 min
    7 ) No weed farm arena, only random arena.

    There no logic, first of all about pauses its the biggest shit on a/d ever, 3min for single pause and 3 times? jesus, make atleast 1pause per team, max 1min.
    By the way a only random arena in 5mins round? you guys per 7 mins cant find a zofi on arenas.

    Wallen you shold make 10mins round, 1 pause per team, maximum 1min.A random arena is ok.

    1 ) Tournament will played with AC:ON
    4 ) If someone found something suspicious during the game, they can request the footage from the player saying which part or w/e.

    Peoples play, spend time for download a AC, and they must care about fucking footages, where some kid gona ask wich part ? :D for what this ac need it then ?
    Never got this.

    3 ) People with less than 45 fps , more than 1.0 PL and high ping than 150 aren't allowed on this tournament as we are looking for the best fair game.

    there no logic, 45fps 150 ping ..but for what 1.0 packetloss is allowed? "for the best fair game" no idea from where you found these rules, but there need it edit

    a year ago
  3. btw registered, looking for squad :D

    a year ago
  4. just play it why should i bother typing too much rules for a funteam cup lol

    a year ago
  5. what makes you think people have any interest in this type of shit if they can't even finish world cup and this '57 tournament' shit. christ

    a year ago
  6. 5 slots left make It happen!

    a year ago

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