rafaa aka [ExL]rafaeflwi busted

  • By: jigetus
  • Views: 527
  • When: a year ago
  • Description: bad boi

Comments (5)

  1. you take hits when you was aiming the weapon, its how werner works. legit video pamaj

    a year ago
  2. who cares about that boi writing my clan`s name just to call my attention, anyway i won't say a shit cuz if i say something you'll report me to ur friend panic and i will be banned 1 year again.

    a year ago
  3. u guys dont have idea , if i was using werner , i could see it hits on my screen , i will say that's like sniper bug in this GM version , u guys dont have idea still playing samp 2k17 , even playing all day u guys will can't with me cya (not flaming just saying ) and i'am the real rafa

    a year ago
  4. excuse moi, but werent you quitting AAD like 2 years ago?

    a year ago

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