• By: [uGp] Jonas
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  • When: 23 days ago
  • Description: hola boyz

    I'm gonna be in Mexico (Merida and Cancun) for a week, next week. Anyone got nice tips on local restaurants (perhaps more kind of local restaurants that are not very famous among tourists) or things to see/do in those cities?

    Quiero dicas para restaurantes o lugares en Merida y Cancun (restaurantes locales y no mucho famosos, pero buenos!) e lugares tambien poco famosos sin embargo buenos. Hay alguna comida que no puedo perder?

    Gracias putos

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  1. Venite para Argentina paa.

    22 days ago
  2. good luck in mexico jonas :p

    22 days ago
  3. I don not know Cancun, but I am sure that Cancun has the best parties and beaches in all of Mexico (Y) And food I recommend most of the tacos that sell on the street in the evenings after leaving the bar since those are the best (Y)

    21 days ago

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