sMb vs ExL |SC12| Lexico

  • By: [AACD] whocar3s
  • Views: 657
  • When: a year ago
  • Description: Ingame-Ban
    Your account has been banned for 46851902 minutes from playing.

    Post an unban-request, if you want to appeal that ban.

Comments (7)

  1. I thought AutoSwitch wasn’t allowed? If I recall I also saw Wind using it in his footage. Seems like the rule isnt being followed or its being ingnored, so why make a rule that isn’t going to be reinforced?

    a year ago
  2. q+e

    a year ago
  3. deli, the cup owners have a macro user in their clan (grozni) who is blatant. the macros are cheats but because it's a gray area and they don't block people's mice programs where they can use switch macros it is easy for people to macro and nobody will care. I use Q and E, I can't switch like this, sMb too good for me I guess.

    a year ago
  4. Another one who can't switch guns properly,I guess you don't even know how autoswitch looks like

    a year ago
  5. i just bind q = e, e = q easy, to shotgun scroll i use the mouse

    a year ago
  6. its just practice

    a year ago

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