The best switcher in samp with Q-E?

  • By: .AnGelo.
  • Views: 538
  • When: 7 months ago
  • Description: Look how is so fast this guy when switching weapons to slide with Q and E, he can do double switch without any cheats. And you can do that? For me this player is the best switcher on samp for his incredible speed.What about your opinion?

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  1. lmao thank you, but i am not so faster xD.
    Anyway theese guys who comment a put dislike my video is one person called Progachan or wind, idk what's wrong with this guy, but we know how are all russians and turkeys. When you love to do the dickhead and ruining other people's videos just because you're jealous and you do not have skills. Oh gg XD.

    7 months ago
  2. do this world a favor, never speak english again, please

    7 months ago

    7 months ago
  4. " theese guys who comment a put dislike my video " skewed asf

    7 months ago
  5. Here it is. Expecting a comment from someone, as always samp no exceptions to provoke and insult. Always there to break the dick to people, that is called samp: "Hatred and insult". The blame is always to the player who doesn't know how to rosik, I understand that, all ptm are really ez, but don't cry pls. The hatred and all this, starts from these people,because are jealous or don't know how to do something.For me samp,it's not a good place. You can find cheaters, and if you go wrong also DDoSser,and then, they are your problems if they send down your connection or your server. I explaining plausibly, then if you are a retard and you like to ruin all go ahead, do that. But if one day you will make me angry I will do something bad, really bad. And I'm so sorry if i don't know English well,obviously, you know the English very well at 100% Xd congratulations. We don't need a english perfet to play in this game, but knowing at least the basics, like me.. or i wrong?
    I will not answer again for you, because i am superior of you, and I preferred to make a speech as it should be instead, of other things. Well I have finished, Have a good day, god of English.

    7 months ago
  6. T R I G G E R E D

    7 months ago

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