[vK] vs [EP] KV Tournament FINAL

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  1. bizzar u mad m8? :D not much against EP but bizzar can suck my dick

    10 months ago
  2. v0lk - Oggi alle 00:44
    i won this shit cup
    but remember
    only by disqualification
    XD 1 thing
    u can play vs ep
    im done fuckin you kids in the ass, have fun with that. vk 4 EP 3
    darker/me n 2 noobs worse than u, remember that
    if u continue saying shit to vK u wont get finals
    virussino - Oggi alle 00:51
    ep and us gonna play the final anyways
    offical or unofficial
    v0lk - Oggi alle 00:51
    hmm i allowed it
    but not if u talk shit to vk

    10 months ago
  3. at the end of the day, vK won and nS are still disqualified. is it fair? no. do i care no i dnt, suck a dick

    10 months ago
  4. As always volk is. Acting like a kid,he couldn't accept that ns were still winning without him against "good clans ",putting us against mof without using random.org,we got proof of that he just admitted that on discord and after seeing that we were still winning he just tried to play against us without even joining in vk someone can't accept he isn't that good ;)

    10 months ago
  5. hmm, go cw? oh wait u refused. Well seen as we gonna talk some shit lets go

    Times nS used a fake in clan wars with screenshots:
    nS played with mouad as AxelMA, they contacted him to corroborate the story that Axel played, it’s obvious he didn’t because he was inactive for years.
    http://i.imgur.com/WsyVfw9.jpg nS vs StK
    http://i.imgur.com/sskoMC2.jpg nS vs hype
    http://i.imgur.com/jOVfPAf.jpg nS vs 57
    http://i.imgur.com/3fuu5Q7.jpg nS vs KV
    http://i.imgur.com/FKOL7ho.jpg nS vs spk
    http://i.imgur.com/MeNUPA3.jpg nS vs sMb - (mouad w/ virus nick) he might have played that but unlikely, virus is shit and i remember mouad playing.
    http://i.imgur.com/QGrKSRD.jpg nS vs sMb
    http://i.imgur.com/4ERtYgh.png nS vs nk
    http://i.imgur.com/IOp86jG.png nS vs 57
    http://i.imgur.com/MouuqCgr.jpg nS vs AM/cGu - yeah beast was right virus never played, he would never do top dmg XD
    http://i.imgur.com/0sGPV01.png nS vs iK
    http://i.imgur.com/YIs9qJQ.jpg - bizzar played as tony in this samp cup match vs eXp, with an italian proxy and that is why he was lagging.

    These are the just ones I remember, there probably a few more but we started winning more cws as nS with mouad and it was obvious nS used fakes.

    10 months ago
  6. XD and its not all i can post the other stuff if you want, private by psycho? ;DDDDDD

    10 months ago
  7. http://prntscr.com/fqat1t - autocbug macro that virus is using and stuff to make himself lag, wonder why he got PL n warping? oh ye its a cheat huehue, do u still wanna paste stuff or should I stop

    10 months ago
  8. i guess u're done pasting, now go into damage control cunt. need a macro to cbug cos u're fucking that bad, pissing me off too much. gtfo

    10 months ago
  9. WELL we all know what would happen, nS w/ volk + mouad daily cws. now? sry no cw sry TOPKEK

    10 months ago
  10. http://prntscr.com/fqawxo - argo telling me about his fake lag cheats and bypassing ac

    10 months ago
  11. "http://i.imgur.com/YIs9qJQ.jpg - bizzar played as tony in this samp cup match vs eXp, with an italian proxy and that is why he was lagging. "
    9-0 then?


    10 months ago
  12. well its just nS doing that, a lot of cws we played normal. but argo cheated vs AM/cGu he told me on mumble, was using fake lags. HE will also cheat on this ac cos he knows someone who can make those cheats, he also was the one to give wallhack to maxo in match vs POLAND but they still lost. its wh where u can record. interesting right? I told u NS accepted me cos i had cheater reputation only, cos thats their type of member. accepting all monkeys now, fakebrzin aron from sMb. totally garbage, the only clan I could join and i wud keep it all secret but they paste every conversation we have on public so here is me getting revenge have fun here is SOME REAL DRAMA kids

    10 months ago
  13. Also, argo got banned from sampcup cos he was caught bypassing ac and he would also cheat in random 2v2 arenas like trash. who knows, maybe he cheated vs SoP too? maybe he cheated in all :D who can trust that guy

    10 months ago
  14. "its wh where u can record. interesting right?"
    Right, but I'm not surprised cuz I knew that about EP (b2hs) and turkish clans

    10 months ago
  15. oh i cheated before, difference is i can play the game well unlike you XDDDD. you need a macro to cbug, do u need a macro to touch cp and take the gun menu? :D

    10 months ago
  16. 54 wins 18 losses, is ur real cw list if u minus the fake cws :D. doesn't look so good now? http://nosenseclan.forumfree.it/?t=71569522

    10 months ago
  17. http://imgur.com/a/C88nh
    oh yeah i forgot NEC vs nS cw, axelma(mouad) - the time u won vs good clan in samp cup but it was with fake so its 53 wins and 19 losses. hmm? disqualified cos mouad didnt record (or didnt wanna expose himself obviously)
    regret back talking me yet, i gave u a chance on discord to make it stop virus but u said nothing. now:
    golds -

    golds - Today at 8:36 AM
    i know iis ARGOS
    dont play
    in tournemant
    v0lk - Today at 8:36 AM
    argo banned from tournament
    golds - Today at 8:36 AM

    Today at 8:44 AM
    modeler banned

    10 months ago
  18. blocked ;( - http://prntscr.com/fqb9ib :) nice clan you got there :D

    10 months ago
  19. now deleting all comments yhehedhuedeudheuhede n1 virus

    10 months ago
  20. who cares about ur shity cup, u wont play in gold cup 2k$ hdasudausud :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    10 months ago
  21. u need to train more u got rekted everytime in any cup fatty :D

    10 months ago
  22. http://prntscr.com/fqbhxe - lol bizzy :D

    10 months ago
  23. this autist keeps talking alone but at the end of the day everyone knows that everytime we played with fakes it was volk forcing us to and begging us to do it or he would leave and shit, did you already forget about that

    10 months ago
  24. I see you are a nolifer and everyone knows but you really spent all this time writing bullshits only about us only because vurus didnt make you leader? sad as fuck

    10 months ago
  25. sad fuck saying i cheated in eurocup when i was clean as fuck and you only said that because i was always superior to you when i was sniping and you were mad about that because u got raped by that team, if we had to speak about you cheating we would never finish that topic because u have been the most unfair player in nS, now tell me how many times did we do anything unfair from when you were not in the clan? 0, remember, you ruined this clan reputation and now that the clan is fine you are salty as fuck because ur shit clan cant cw us. get a job, buy a car, get a gf and a family and fuck off from this game u grown up fat cunt

    10 months ago
  26. now you understand why i left this game @zimmer

    10 months ago
  27. Ok here we have someone really mad,i will post scenshoots were u asked me for cheats volk just wait ;)i can assure you volk is still cheating,he couldn't accept that me and maxo were better than him it's sad ,really,i think we have enough busted videos about volk but i can still share my screnshoots about u admitting u were cheating against nick ,me ,beast,in every cw, btw i left this game long time ago but u are still hating but it's normal to hate people better than you,when samp will be dead what will u do in ur life,samp is basically ur life ,nerding 24/24 and cheating too ,getting angry for virus not putting you leader and then getting ur "revenge",you made jay discover that he has a form of autism(have nothing against that) but maybe there's a reason ,maybe you are autist too, that would explain everything,changes in ur attitudes etc,and please if you have autism answer ,acting like that isn't helping you

    10 months ago
  28. Melodramatic bitches

    10 months ago
  29. i knew i was always right.i said argo u are cheating many times and i was right.i said ns played with fakes and virus had lag tools,i was right.i said volk is cheating using wall hack speed tools.antistun i was right.these kind of faggots fucks up this game,just kill ur self whole ns,volk bizzar or just leave this game to ppl that want to play it fair.

    10 months ago
  30. Where is my McCHICKEN® and COLAZERO?

    10 months ago
  31. never used wh as much as u think but thats prolly hard for u 2 believe, pretty sure its not working on ac ask that 17 guy. only modeler is usin some wh with textures removed from the wall or something. not rly interested in cheating anymore

    10 months ago
  32. u said it b4 aswell after i busted u about antistun.im clean now.but whats going on u are coming up with " wh that u can record and u cant see it" "I will prefire all players like beast does" meh u guys are angry with each other,and saying all the truth now.all of u are cunts who didnt accept my opinion which was right,i was right about everything and its so funny to watch now this drama.i will make u guys get banned everywhere i can.

    10 months ago
  33. dont ignore all the screenshots ppl posed about u volk.u got busted in there,same as argo virusino.remember my video my words saying about stupid warping? that explains everything " WARPER" haha.wallhacks.u were prefiring all the fucking way b4.that explains everything aswell,and etc etc etc

    10 months ago
  34. I was in a fight with beast cuz we both competitive and hate loosing but now we cool I bet, right beast? But damn it feels good for both me and beast to check gtat media after 3 months of not playing *me* and see everything we said about nS back then about cheating and playing with fakes was right. Why would you lie so much in a video game? Pathetic no-lifers dayum XD

    10 months ago
  35. ye im cool.im proud i wasnt wrong about all these things that happened in past months.fake lags,warping,macros,wallhacks,all other shit

    10 months ago
  36. just tellin, psyco gave all scripts to whitetiger , ask tiger
    + volk was the one who did all u sayin so dont talk about ns, its volk :) he just saying aganist us all what he did

    10 months ago
  37. u can think what u want, my cws on ac were all clean but i cant say same for argo, he knew how to bypass that

    10 months ago
  38. virus dont try to keep ur ass safe,u can see all the info above,how much shit u were talking even though mouad was playing with ur nick.autocbug and shit."warper" it doesnt mean if psyco gave all scripts to whitetager that u didnt use it.fake lags and shit wallhacks :D funny guys just leave the game,fuckin shame

    10 months ago
  39. Actually virussino is a cool guy, bizzar maxo aswell. I can say even argo is a cool, I personally don't give a fuck that he cheated in a game, but look at this guy volk, the typical pathetic faggot that gets in a clan, has a bad influence, makes the whole clan look bad, makes all players from the clan look bad, after he leaves the clan he wants to fuck the clan even more and doesnt admit he cheatted. Srsly, grow up

    10 months ago
  40. the truth is out there

    10 months ago
  41. has a bad influence? u know the leader was making cheats for them before i even joined u fucking idiot XDDD

    10 months ago
  42. talking to the guys who played cw vs ns,u guys should put win in ur forums and stop playing vs nS ppl,volk clan,cheated for once always a cheater,i hope u all have same opinion and should ban whole ns clan for playing with fake ppl cws,using wallhacks etc,volk is in MoF now,and he talks about wallhacks that u cant even see while recording,so i dont think u can still trust these cunts,he didnt learn from first time he got busted about anti stun and in my opinion ppl who are playing with him they still support a cheater.so i hope gtat admin team will ban these players on gtat server,wolly will ban them in uL server and all other clans just dont accept tcws cws and ban them on their servers aswell,im done in this topic,i feel shame instead of them.cunts.

    10 months ago
  43. the reason i made this is cos they pasting all conversations i have with them and starting problems, now they can deal with this shit. bizzar is a cool guy? no he insults everyone he plays against, sorry to burst ur bubble. nS insult and bully encore so much he wants to leave his own clan n u act they r 'cool'. FUNNY GUY twist, b4 u said i was cool and it was the other way around. make ur mind up

    10 months ago
  44. beast just read what twist wrote,volk hes talking about psyco who left the game b4 volk joins aad, cmon :D the only error i did its accepting this trash after he got kicked by 18 (4cheating)

    10 months ago
  45. :D you can spin it any way u want to try save ur reputation XD im done w/ this topic cos it speaks for itself

    10 months ago
  46. hahahahahahahah XDDDDDD

    10 months ago
  47. Beast you also need to shut the fuck up sometimes. You are just as pathetic as volk is. Rager, competitive as fuck and you always act like you know everything when you actually don't know shit. Doing everyone to prove your opponents wrong so you can feel pride in a 2004 game. Same for you twist. You claim they are the no lifers yet it is you who keeps coming on media, watching, commenting and flaming them over and over again. Well guess what buddy, these things always happened in this community, it's just not coming out most of the times. You said you are gonna try to get them banned from everywhere you can. Wow that's cool, but it's not gonna work at all and it just shows that you are also a no lifer once again. It's also kind of funny to see you talking about macros yet you and your mates in cGu also used them. You finally came out after that nS cGu clanwar. Where were you all these months? Clean clanwar or not. So yeah, EVERYONE in here is guilty if you wanna do it that way. :) (Here beast, this is for you: https://youtu.be/pWOQQTBCcTM?t=229)
    Now volk, i'm gonna be quick and honest with you. You are one of the saddest pathetic losers i've ever seen in this game. Constantly bragging about how good you are then getting busted and kind of admitting you cheated in the past where it didn't matter, but on AC you were always smooth and clean etc but you are quick enough to blame your ex teammates even though you know you did all of these things TOGETHER. I know you probably also cheated vs them while in the same clan sometimes which is quite possibly the saddest thing i've ever seen in this game so far just to prove you are better than them even though i'm usually just a silent watcher. Now you organize this "cup" where you know you can do anything you want since it is made by you and your new clanmates and you try to exact a "revenge" by playing for vK as fake vs nS (even if they got dsq) and EP (bizzar). Apart from completely destroying vK's reputation, you just proved my point there again. And i could continue all day if i wanted to talk about all the bs you've done so far and how pathetic you are. Desperate, pathetic, sad. This game is your life lmao, but then again the same goes for everyone in here.

    10 months ago
  48. everything* bye :D

    10 months ago
  49. volk mad cuz we cool w/o you? brahhhhhhhh

    10 months ago
  50. idm gl to you maxo, i wouldnt say anything if u didnt back talk me on whatsapp and backtalk me many times then act cool w/ me. if i took this game srs 'youcallmegod' i'd prolly not expose myself like this wud I? i rly cudnt give a shit about it, i play 4 entertainment rly, i couldnt give a shit and i will continue to play as long as it is fun with some cool cws. some of what u said is true though. lol w/e i still commenting on this shit

    10 months ago
  51. My all words were fucking right so what u talking about i dont know shit:D guy register with random nickname comes and tell his opinion.pussy come with real nick

    10 months ago
  52. i wanna see who will play cw against you volk so i can call them retards

    10 months ago
  53. oh sorry i shouldve been thankful to you for leaving the clan because you are too fucked in the head to be leader, sorry then im 2faced and you are not a traitor

    10 months ago
  54. maxo u just shut the fuck up aswell,since u are inside all this shit aswell :D

    10 months ago
  55. oh shit papa chillax didnt know about this fire

    10 months ago
  56. make a right decision than

    10 months ago

    10 months ago
  58. Mr.900

    10 months ago
  59. [18:10:47] [chat] [jikijok]: haha
    [18:10:47] [chat] [sdas]: wtf
    [18:10:52] [chat] [jikijok]:
    [18:10:52] [chat] [sdas]: grande
    [18:10:59] [chat] [sdas]: quanti ms
    [18:11:00] [chat] [sdas]: sono
    [18:11:02] [chat] [jikijok]:
    [18:11:04] [chat] [jikijok]: wtf
    [18:11:05] [chat] [jikijok]: aspè
    [18:11:11] [chat] [sdas]: sei tipo con semi godmode
    [18:11:16] [chat] [jikijok]: non ci sono ms
    [18:11:27] [chat] [jikijok]: dovrebbe essere full
    [18:11:42] [chat] [sdas]: sparo 5 colpi
    [18:11:48] [chat] [jikijok]: quando fai headshot mi prendi
    [18:12:11] [chat] [sdas]: è difficile
    [18:12:12] [chat] [jikijok]: spara
    [18:12:14] [chat] [sdas]: fare headshot
    [18:12:17] [chat] [sdas]: se ti muovi
    [18:12:26] [chat] [jikijok]: vedi
    [18:12:28] [chat] [jikijok]: aspè
    [18:12:29] [part] jikijok has left the server (1:1)
    [18:16:35] [connection] requests connection cookie.
    [18:16:36] [connection] incoming connection: id: 1
    [18:16:37] [join] jikijok has joined the server (1:
    [18:16:37] jikijok hardware ID: 6d0e073323f35388ea7eeea4f3481420
    [18:17:01] [chat] [sdas]: ora godmode
    [18:17:02] [chat] [sdas]: proprio
    [18:17:08] [chat] [jikijok]: si
    [18:17:13] [chat] [sdas]: che hai fatto
    [18:17:14] [chat] [sdas]: ?
    [18:17:23] [chat] [jikijok]: ho virtualizzato il receive
    [18:17:29] [chat] [sdas]: ah
    [18:17:33] [chat] [sdas]: e lo disabiliti?^
    [18:17:48] [chat] [jikijok]: metto la virtualizzazione per il mio thread
    [18:17:53] [chat] [jikijok]: e per quello di samp
    [18:18:08] [chat] [sdas]: quindi ci sarebbe un modo anche
    [18:18:12] [chat] [sdas]: per fare in modo
    [18:18:15] [chat] [sdas]: di prendere le hit
    [18:18:17] [chat] [sdas]: come vuoi tu
    [18:18:24] [chat] [jikijok]: in che senso
    [18:18:34] [chat] [sdas]: tipo nella quantità che vuoi tu
    [18:18:41] [chat] [sdas]: e non soltanto non vedere i colpi
    [18:18:45] [chat] [jikijok]: si diciamo di si
    [18:18:59] [chat] [sdas]: ma sta operazione
    [18:19:03] [chat] [sdas]: puoi farla anche in game
    [18:19:07] [chat] [sdas]: o devi reloggare
    [18:19:12] [chat] [jikijok]: ?
    [18:19:15] [chat] [sdas]: intendo con un menu apposito
    [18:19:24] [chat] [jikijok]: ingame
    [18:19:27] [chat] [sdas]: tipo la vecchia fakelag
    [18:19:34] [chat] [jikijok]: senza menu però
    [18:19:39] [chat] [sdas]: c'è il rischio che si venga bannati
    [18:19:39] [chat] [jikijok]: blocca l'endscene di directx
    [18:19:42] [chat] [jikijok]: e present
    [18:19:45] [chat] [sdas]: ah addirittura
    [18:19:52] [chat] [sdas]: hanno fatto un pò di cose
    [18:19:52] [chat] [jikijok]: quindi non puoi draware
    [18:19:55] [chat] [jikijok]: però lo bypassato
    [18:20:00] [chat] [jikijok]: ma mi scoccio a mettere il menu
    [18:20:00] [chat] [sdas]: manco il wallhack funziona ora'?
    [18:20:05] [chat] [jikijok]:
    [18:20:12] [chat] [jikijok]: si
    [18:20:13] [chat] [sdas]: se non puoi draware
    [18:20:14] [chat] [jikijok]: funziona
    [18:20:17] [chat] [jikijok]: lo bypassato
    [18:20:19] [chat] [sdas]: ah
    [18:20:30] [chat] [sdas]: ma viene rilevato
    [18:20:32] [chat] [sdas]: che bypassi?
    [18:20:37] [chat] [jikijok]: bo
    [18:20:39] [chat] [sdas]: oppure è come se avessi ac on
    [18:20:39] [chat] [jikijok]: ora sono ig
    [18:20:44] [chat] [jikijok]: non so
    [18:20:47] [chat] [sdas]: aspetta
    [18:20:48] [chat] [jikijok]: non ho testato niente
    [18:20:50] [chat] [sdas]: hai le macro?
    [18:20:54] [chat] [jikijok]: si
    [18:20:57] [chat] [sdas]: vieni dm 11
    [18:21:02] [chat] [sdas]: corriamo
    [18:21:05] [chat] [sdas]: se hai la stessa speed
    [18:21:11] [chat] [sdas]: è come se avessi ac on
    [18:21:33] [chat] [sdas]: mi sembra
    [18:21:34] [chat] [sdas]: uguale
    [18:21:39] [chat] [jikijok]: partiamo insiem
    [18:21:42] [chat] [sdas]: 3
    [18:21:43] [chat] [sdas]: 2
    [18:21:44] [chat] [sdas]: 1
    [18:22:09] [chat] [sdas]: è uguale
    [18:22:11] [chat] [jikijok]: vai più veloce o cosa
    [18:22:12] [chat] [jikijok]: D:
    [18:22:14] [chat] [sdas]: sono più veloce
    [18:22:16] [chat] [sdas]: per gli fps
    [18:22:31] [chat] [jikijok]: quindi?
    [18:22:40] [chat] [sdas]: già
    [18:22:43] [chat] [sdas]: puoi cambiarlo in game
    [18:22:45] [chat] [sdas]: il valore
    [18:22:49] [chat] [sdas]: o è da aggiungere
    [18:22:58] [chat] [jikijok]: quale valore?
    [18:23:07] [chat] [sdas]: quello che ti fa prendere più o meno hit
    [18:23:17] [chat] [jikijok]: è da aggiungere
    [18:23:28] [chat] [sdas]: ma tu ora stai giocando
    [18:23:31] [chat] [sdas]: con il bypass no?
    [18:23:34] [chat] [jikijok]: si
    [18:23:40] [chat] [sdas]: se provassi a joinare
    [18:23:41] [chat] [sdas]: senza
    [18:23:44] [chat] [sdas]: verresti bannato?
    [18:23:51] [chat] [jikijok]: perchè dovrei?
    [18:24:05] [chat] [sdas]: perchè dovresti joinare senza o perchè verresti bannato
    [18:24:13] [chat] [jikijok]: tutti e 2
    [18:24:14] [chat] [jikijok]: lol
    [18:24:26] [chat] [sdas]: era solo una domanda
    [18:24:30] [chat] [jikijok]: non so
    [18:24:30] [chat] [sdas]: se tu joinassi solo con l'exe
    [18:24:54] [chat] [sdas]: hai già provato a sbannarti tu
    [18:24:55] [chat] [sdas]: no?
    [18:24:58] [chat] [jikijok]: no
    [18:25:05] [chat] [sdas]: però sapresti farlo
    [18:25:09] [chat] [sdas]: andando a riprendere il valore
    [18:25:13] [chat] [sdas]: e riportarlo
    [18:25:16] [chat] [sdas]: alla normalità
    [18:25:20] [chat] [jikijok]: si è fattibile
    [18:25:29] [chat] [jikijok]: non ho mai provato
    [18:25:32] [chat] [jikijok]: ma ci riuscirei
    [18:25:40] [chat] [sdas]: ma sta fakelag
    [18:25:42] [chat] [sdas]: che hai fatto
    [18:25:44] [chat] [sdas]: è incorporata
    [18:25:51] [chat] [sdas]: con un altro cheat oppure è singola
    [18:26:00] [chat] [jikijok]: incorporata
    [18:26:15] [chat] [sdas]: che sarebbe l'altro con il bypass
    [18:26:21] [chat] [jikijok]: quale altro?
    [18:26:33] [chat] [sdas]: tu mi hai detto che hai il wallhack con bypass incorporato
    [18:26:35] [chat] [sdas]: no
    [18:26:36] [chat] [sdas]: ?
    [18:26:38] [chat] [jikijok]: si
    [18:26:43] [chat] [sdas]: pensavo a quello
    [18:26:49] [chat] [sdas]: oppure hai bypassato soltanto
    [18:26:55] [chat] [sdas]: le parti che ti servivano
    [18:26:57] [chat] [jikijok]: nono
    [18:27:03] [chat] [jikijok]: il bypass funziona da tunnel
    [18:27:06] [chat] [jikijok]: worka con l'ac
    [18:27:11] [chat] [jikijok]: non è totale
    [18:27:14] [chat] [sdas]: ah
    [18:27:21] [chat] [sdas]: quindi è come se avessi l'ac on
    [18:27:24] [chat] [jikijok]: si
    [18:27:28] [chat] [sdas]: la mia domanda
    [18:27:35] [chat] [sdas]: era se riusciresti a joinare
    [18:27:39] [chat] [sdas]: col cheat soltanto
    [18:27:43] [chat] [sdas]: dato che non è nel md5
    [18:27:44] [chat] [jikijok]: senza ac?
    [18:27:53] [chat] [sdas]: però senza il bypass completo
    [18:28:05] [chat] [jikijok]: io ora sono con il cheat soltanto
    [18:28:11] [chat] [sdas]: ah
    [18:28:13] [chat] [jikijok]: senza il bypass completo
    [18:28:19] [chat] [sdas]: quindi solo fakelag
    [18:28:19] [chat] [jikijok]: questo non è un bypass completo
    [18:28:27] [chat] [jikijok]: fakelag e altre cazzate
    [18:28:37] [chat] [sdas]: e se mettevi soltanto la fakelag

    10 months ago
  60. 18:16:37] jikijok hardware ID: 6d0e073323f35388ea7eeea4f3481420
    sdas hardware ID: 5bb24299f176084580fdb3d46e279fc6
    [15:51:39] [nS]ARGOD hardware ID: 5bb24299f176084580fdb3d46e279fc6

    10 months ago
  61. You guys amaze me everytime :D volk sunk deep down with this tournament joining Beast in his lair made of the illusion of being the best in a shitty game, minecraft is more competitive. You guys should try to go out and breath fresh air, that could be good for you and maybe this whole community infected by your toxicity

    10 months ago
  62. Its funny to me how all of ns used to dickride volk once you trashtalk him or accuse him of cheating, karma is a bitch, maxo if you think you had nothing to do with this then you're mistaken bud, you knew volk forced you to do his dirty shit and still defended him, that's a bitch move :D

    10 months ago
  63. wait... this bitch called zimmer saying fuck you all for cheating, well you fucking dumbass you admitted using macros so are you saying fuck you to your self too? what a dumb, you lost vs every clan in this game even while using your dirty macros, fuck outta here dummy

    10 months ago
  64. I defend my friends when they dont act like snakes, thats my only fault

    10 months ago
  65. volk pls "oh i cheated before, difference is i can play the game well unlike you" RIP
    After wruG.cavelurur, now we got volk .

    10 months ago
  66. How dare you mispelling our saviour's name CavaleruL xd

    10 months ago
  67. up

    10 months ago
  68. Diciamo che con questo anche i player che si lamentavano della situazione della SA:MP odierna hanno fatto una grande figura di merda, ma alla fine c'era da aspettarselo e se uno viene accusato da un milione di players,alla fine i dubbi rimangono. Non riesco ancora a capire come cazzo ve la fidate a cittare su un gioco stramorto da un milione di anni, seriamente, con quale coraggio poi farvi dei video di busted a vicenda con accuse e chatlog reciproche, boh, quando siete sulla stessa barca lol. Sono sconcertato, che schifo di gioco e dimostra per l' ennesima volta, ma anche senza 'ste prove si vedeva da 1 km, che molta gente senza cheat e aiutini di ogni genere, non vale un cazzo. Se "persino" il leader, il grande Psyco best leader EU award, si mette a creare cheat ed usarli, cosa ci si può aspettare dal resto? Sarò anche scarso etc, quantomeno non ho usato mezzo cheat nella mia "carriera" , complimenti per la figuraccia. Divertitevi

    10 months ago
  69. 9/10 drama,gj

    10 months ago
  70. volk spierdalaj

    10 months ago
  71. Diciamo che con questo anche i player che si lamentavano della situazione della SA:MP odierna hanno fatto una grande figura di merda, ma alla fine c'era da aspettarselo e se uno viene accusato da un milione di players,alla fine i dubbi rimangono. Non riesco ancora a capire come cazzo ve la fidate a cittare su un gioco stramorto da un milione di anni, seriamente, con quale coraggio poi farvi dei video di busted a vicenda con accuse e chatlog reciproche, boh, quando siete sulla stessa barca lol. Sono sconcertato, che schifo di gioco e dimostra per l' ennesima volta, ma anche senza 'ste prove si vedeva da 1 km, che molta gente senza cheat e aiutini di ogni genere, non vale un cazzo. Se "persino" il leader, il grande Psyco best leader EU award, si mette a creare cheat ed usarli, cosa ci si può aspettare dal resto? Sarò anche scarso etc, quantomeno non ho usato mezzo cheat nella mia "carriera" , complimenti per la figuraccia. Divertitevi[2]

    10 months ago
  72. Damn this gtat topic is juicy. Makes me feel half giddy. So it appears Volk went full bad boy mode and is now disliked among the Italian community and Bizzar's clan. Ruined the tournament and now we are getting wild cheating allegations being spread like wild fire? Best topic is a good while. Who is cheating, who is not? Who is the asshole who is the good guys? This shit is amazing.

    10 months ago
  73. Also what does iTG feel about this? Please state your feelings on this developing situation below.

    10 months ago
  74. Sata ti sbagli su tutta la linea, è stato un mio errore quello di farlo joinare ma degli altri non puoi parlare male, e per psyco ha dato tutti i suoi file a whitetiger, puoi chiederlo stesso a lui

    10 months ago
  75. soul non capisci mai una sega xD

    10 months ago
  76. iTG feels great for not having volk in yet :D

    10 months ago
  77. Also, Since nS and volk have parted ways.. does this make volkstyne the hottest available free agent in the SA:MP world?

    10 months ago
  78. No, I'm with MoF

    10 months ago
  79. Then why darker is in vk member list?

    10 months ago
  80. And killer too

    10 months ago
  81. "Tutto molto interessante" recitava un drammaturgo del 1870,di nome Fabio,di cognome Rovazzi

    10 months ago
  82. actually theres a wallhack which works on ac (I wont say the name but this wallhack u cant distinguish who is who), u can only record with dxtory or playstv cuz its undetectable for those programs , its like this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxLR54Ue_ao , so its not trustable a guy who pre fires all the time recording like volk

    10 months ago
  83. So smb could be cheating too with wallhack :D i mean maxo gave private cheats to ac owners long time ago u should give them that wh too

    10 months ago
  84. ya, if we were cheating i wouldnt say those info, also we used to report cheats to whitetiger, nowadays this community is almost dead so i think its not necessary to report cheats... /care

    10 months ago
  85. still doesnt change the fact that u can use it whenever u want

    10 months ago
  86. http://imgur.com/qwzwFyc
    right from the maxo head

    10 months ago

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