Zimmer bro

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  1. not mad

    16 days ago
  2. beast in 3v3 tcws XDXDXDDDDD

    16 days ago
  3. lmao what a retard
    1) who cares about that? In your logic I need upload all my gameplay cuz I always "cheater"
    2) What did you upload? I didnt even shoot for you there
    3) For that matter upload all the rounds. It will be interesting to look at your hitbox

    16 days ago
  4. i upload this video for show my skills i cant upload all rounds if u want u can look with skyp or somtn , and if u want i can delete this shit 'dont be mad'

    16 days ago
  5. I was waiting for this answer. You uploaded a video where I did not even shoot at you. You got views cuz used my name in this post and showed your "skill". I sure If you didnt give 500 dmg in the arena, then you would not upload this video because you have werner

    16 days ago
  6. idk wtf you uploaded here and want to prove me stupid turk

    16 days ago
  7. What the fuck are u talking about ?

    wiews skill werner dmg

    just stfu fuckin blyat

    16 days ago
  8. "You got views cuz used my name in this post"
    Ego ego ego ego ego alert egooo

    15 days ago

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