[NSG] MANUEL_Teckno why with ac i crash ?

JustMe. @reFractiX: Download an Anti-Macro Filterscript here,

[N2R] Blooddrunk Join N2R, we have cookies

JustMe. Hosting A/D Servers,

reFracTiX Can any1 give me anti macros script?

reFracTiX one faggot cheating in server admin come pls

[dbp] $0pl1ft3r join us

[TLW] Magenta I restarted server, try now

[iTG] troubles Yeh, it's currently down.

[DeSH] d3nN Server is bugged.

[V8] St3faN0S server off ?

[V8] St3faN0S god job kriz, but lock this vinceli hacker

[TLW] Magenta Solved, thanks for reporting.

[BAKA] Krizz Please Ban [ehS]Vincelli, He keeps using no reload hack and even spotted using Health hack...I reported him but no one responded.

[dbp] $0pl1ft3r join this feminist gang

[HoT] SoCzEk hi

[wEEd] Demo Total damage = damage of current session. Not all time.

[uGp] mccrackin yo

[HoT] VeX_ sup guyz

[N2R] Blooddrunk N2R is looking for one player

[DeSH] d3nN Server got login bug. Admins, do something!