[V8] paragon Somebody ban this guy L00000000L he's cheating as fuck + ban evading.

[V8] St3faN0S magenta plis restart

[DeSH] 0v3rl0rd can any1 connect server is empty

Besmiiir can someone give me the name of latest and best sensefix atm

imgayasF Dot where the fuck did you go man? I told you brb.

[V8] St3faN0S magennta plis restart oks

[TmR] reFracTiX Login bug again, please restart the server

[DeSH] d3nN ddosing

markusliero elo elo

[HoT] VeX_ hello kurwyyyyyyyyyyyy

[TLW] Magenta Restarted

[TmR] reFracTiX this season ended?

purplzz what happened?

[TmR] olaf09_ server gg.

[V8] St3faN0S ok disconnet,

[DeSH] d3nN Rip gtat :/

[V8] paragon Can someone please restart the server,it's lagging alot,people are teleporting around,thanks.

[pXe] $0pl1ft3r
join ;D

GL_ can someone restart the server cause it's bugged please

[HoT] SoCzEk Siemano kurewki

GL_ please ._.