[PTM] X.K #2017forPTM

[PTM] OldSchool what did i say ngz?

[N2R] Blooddrunk 29k* don't fool yourself

[PTM] volkstyne easy 30K respect. #nolifinghard

[PTM] shendlaw got banned for cheating, raping ur asses even with anticheat, so close!

[PTM] Al_Pacino im playing with anticheat. With or without anticheat my gameplay doesn't change unlike some people who for some reason can't hit a single bullet :)

NGZ bani, weren't you the one who was saying something about nerding and nolifing on gta:t some time ago? :D

[m8s] f4kee cheat pacino is playing without and it is known for what, would play nothing with AC

[PTM] OldSchool feel free to use it

[PTM] OldSchool /fpslimit a command thats been around for a while now

markusliero #2017forShitsOn30fps

[PTM] Tamz #2017forPTM!!

[PTM] reFracTiX #2017forPTM

[PTM] shendlaw Almost all members from PTM use AC, main guys who do tons of respect is using it, so shut ur mouth, and call me cheater

[PTM] X.K #2017forPTM

[PTM] Al_Pacino all you have to do is to play with anticheat mate. it's not that hard.

[m8s] f4kee epigraph Al_Pacino : with fraud to the success xd

Ritsu Where's my man evz, join my clanerino porfa. v:

[AsL] az4 Check my ticket, please

[BAKA] PROGACHAN anyway u lost them