[m8s] St3faN0S


[SO] [Panic] Shaker check pm.

[uGp] mccrackin tttt

Taq Shout Out to Banned By Al paci club, stay cool and banned

Ritsu Website to learn Turkish pls HAHA Xd

[gGgUnit] xENTERx Thought u had a life

Ritsu Go clan war!

PH_ElectrO BgN on gra z jedna reka xd

[APM] LuCaSeK +1 zaku. fucking pacino

zaku unban me faggs ! my god... fucking pacino

[vM_] BgN ban go chuja :D

[vM_] BgN

[EvO] justsome1 @dracoblue give the co-leader of a gang the right to kick a gangmember !!!

[APM] So__

[APM] So__

[APM] So__

[APM] LuCaSeK I hope you can check my ticket draco.

[GM] DracoBlue Which errror message do you get?

[EvO] justsome1 @dracoblue why i can not kick a gang member im co leader.. fix it pls

[GM] DracoBlue There is a button "Change Weapons" on your profile page now.