[HoT] SoCzEk this moment when desh can win seasons XD

[dS] Bhee my gtat server in not running

[RaViS] $aturn_x looking for members

[iTG] smice CW vs uC

Whoo 1000 DMG zyph xd

[dS] Bhee any solution??

[dS] Bhee and delete and again i added it in my favourite list but the server dosent working

[dS] Bhee bro my gtat server is not running

Whoo Hey Hey :)

jigetus lol wtf

[DeSH] St3faN0S stoped to laigng im cant omg, shit , unabned do you zyph

[DeSH] St3faN0S yuo crazy zyph co fag to baned for me, this fix lag, im cant to laging

dekcon11 old picture

dekcon11 LOL

[RaViS] $aturn_x
join ;)

[PTM] shendlaw server crashed, rr please

[HoT] SoCzEk pyr pyr

[HoT] SoCzEk ege szmege

dekcon11 ahahaha

dekcon11 i wait video 4 month

[BoD] sAck how am I racist overlord?